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Android App Development Course

Course Objectives

In this course we build your career as a professional Android app developer.This course takes you through the basics and moves on to advanced concepts in Android app development.Install and use appropriate tools for Android development, including IDE, device emulator, and profiling tools.Build user interfaces with fragments, views, form widgets, text input, lists, tables, and more.Use advanced UI widgets for scrolling, tabbing, and layout control.

Android Application Development

  • The Basics
    What is Android?
    Architecture Explained
    Role of Java
    Fundamentals of JavaWhat is Java?
    Fundamentals of Java
    Android SDK
    Eclipse IDE Plug-in
    Device Emulator
    Profiling Tools
    Hello World Application
    Unit Testing and DebuggingCreating Unit Tests
    Android Development Tools (ADT)
    Using the Emulator
    Analysing the Heap
    Android User InterfaceView Hierarchy
    Lab workStyling Widgets

    Defining Styles
    Applying Styles to the UI
    Platform Styles and Themes

    Layout Containers
    Weight and Gravity
    Layout TechniquesHandling Events
    Advanced Widgets

    Custom Views
    Lab work

    Storing and Retrieving Data

    Internal and External Storage
    Content Providers

    Querying Content Providers
    Modifying Data
    Creating a Content Provider
    Asynchronous Tasks

    Main UI Thread
    Using AsyncTask
    Lab work

    Location Services and Maps

    Location Services
    Mock Location Data
    Goggle Map Libraries

    Web Apps Overview
    Targeting Screens from Web Apps
    Debugging Web Apps
    Best Practices for Web Apps
    Best Practices

    Supporting multiple screens
    Optimizing for Other Android Versions
    Lab work

    Final Project