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School Management System

e-School automates all required tasks from student admission to pass out, maintain academic records, attendance, fee, examination, teachers bio data, attendance and payroll. It provide a lot of reporting for printing and analysis.

Student Information

e-School is an interactive database of student information that is easily accessible and always available for qualified staff.

The student database includes basic information including address, sibling names and grades, parents, and contact information. This database is linked to all of the student’s school classes and activities. Additional information regarding billing, accounts, and medical history are easily added by administration.


e-School taking and managing attendance ,use online attendance pages taking attendance quick and less of errors.

Record a student’s attendance on the colored chart with a click of the mouse. Attandance information can then be immediately shared with parents to help them keep track of their students.

Grade Reports

Fully customizable to suit your class’s needs,add and delete assignments, and redefine assignments and grade weighting.

e-School Grade-book feature makes recording and calculating grades simple and efficient.Simply enter student grades and let e-Schools do the rest.After new grades are entered, the overall class grade is averaged and updated.

Fee & Payments

e-Schools help you to manage the process of payments with full fledged control,and calculate within time.

You have to keep track of numerous types of fees and then apply them to the correct students, manage incoming payments and receipts, and making bills and sending notices when bills are due.

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