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Server Administration Course

Course Objectives

This linux server administrator course with Technilogics is designed to teach students new Linux system administrator for certification and general skills. An ideal understanding of what Linux is, explore Linux installation terminology. CentOS is the freely downloadable version of linux and open source means you can download it without paying any cost. This course is designed for person from entry level system administration to high level and build your future as a server administrator.

Linux Server Administration

  • Introduction to the Course
    Why You Might Need a Server?
    How to Manage a Personal Server
    What You Need to Get Started
    Why command line is great?Choosing the Right Platform for Your ServerIs Your PC Suitable to Run a Server?
    Physical or Virtual Server?
    Virtual Server – VPS or VDS?Installing Linux OS to Your Server

    Installation Media (USB Drive/CD/DVD) Preparation for Windows Users
    Installation Media (USB Drive) Preparation for OS X Users
    Installation CD/DVD Preparation for OS X Users
    Installing CentOS to Physical (Dedicated) Server
    Why VPS is a Great Way to Avoid Linux OS Installation and Make Your Life Easier
    Connect to and Communicate With Your Server via Secure Shell (SSH)

    Turning the LAMP On

    Create a New User and Give Root Privileges
    Disable Remote Root Access via SSH
    What is LAMP?
    Installing and Configuring Apache Web Server
    Set Up Apache Virtual Hosts
    Apache vs Nginx
    Installing Nginx
    Configuring Nginx Server Blocks
    Installing and Configuring MariaDB Database Server
    Installing and Configuring PHP (for Apache)
    Installing and Configuring PHP (for Nginx)
    Install and Configure PhpMyAdmin (for Apache)
    Install and Configure PhpMyAdmin (for Nginx)
    Installing WordPress (or any other CMS) to Your New Server
    Configuring Nginx as a Reverse Proxy for Apache
    Setting up and using Oracle VirtualBo

    Why VirtualBox?
    Preparing the Server and Setting Up VirtualBox 5.1
    Control VirtualBox with Command Line