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Web Programming Course

Course Objectives

This course provides a key introduction to some basic principles MySQL and PHP.  PHP is a powerful language for writing server-side Web applications. MySQL is the world’s most popular open source database. Together, these two technologies provide you with a powerful platform for building database-driven Web applications.This course is design to build your carrer as aweb programmer.

Web Programming

  • Introduction
    PHP Document
    Language Fundamentals: Variables, Constants
    Decision Making Statement: If, ? & Switch
    Loops: For, For-Each While & Do While
    Statement: Break, Continue
    Operators: Airthmentic, String, Assignment, Comparison, Incr/Decr etc.
    PHP functions:
    Arrays: Numerically Indexed, Associative
    Array Functions: Join, Explode, Implode, In_Array, Array_Search.
    String Functions: Strlen, Printf, Substr, Str_Replace
    Server-Side Processing
    Processing Forms via GET/POST
    GET or POST?
    State and Persistence: Cookies/SessionWeb Application DevelopmentIntroduction to PHP Frameworks
    Basic OOP
    SQL & MySQL
    What is SQL & MySQL and its Versions?
    MySQL CLI:mysql/GUI:phpmyadmin
    Administration & Query Browser
    Creating Databases and Tables
    Using keys
    Table Types in MySQL
    Data Types:Varchar, Int, Char, Date and Time
    Deleting databases and tables
    Inserting, Retrieving, Updating and Deleting data
    MySQL User Accounts, Privileges and Access Control
    MySQL documentation
    Integrating PHP and MySQL

    PHP interfacing with MySQL
    Connecting to MySQL
    Connecting to a database
    Executing SQL
    Retrieving the data set
    Refining the fetch